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NanoFixIt ONE the latest line of innovative products from NanoFixIt Inc.

27 November 2016

NanoFixIt ONE the latest line of innovative products from NanoFixIt Inc.

TNanoFixIt has introduced a new line of products specifically developed for smartphones and tablets. The new product line is called NanoFixIt ONE and will be a single application screen protector in contrast to NanoFixIt Titanium, which can be used for several different devices.

A Screen Protector That Fits All Shapes an Sizes

The market is still dominated by the traditional plastic and tempered glass screen protectors, says CEO Ahal Besorai, and people have been taught that they had to buy a new screen protector for every new device. We realize that we are in a process of teaching people about liquid screen protectors and that it s actually possible to buy a screen protector that fits all shapes and sizes. However, this process takes time and we wanted to help people better understand how to use our product, which is why we introduced the NanoFixIt ONE. First of all this product is a more affordable way to experience the qualities of a liquid screen protector. Secondly, the NanoFixIt ONE comes in a version for phones and for tablets, which is easier for people to understand since they are used to buying a screen protector for each of such devices. The new innovation however, is the fact that NanoFixIt ONE can be used on any phone or tablet with a glass screen and not just one specific model.


Patching the Gap

With this new product we are patching the huge gap between traditional screen protectors and NanoFixIt Titanium, says Ahal Besorai. For some people it is simply too difficult to understand how you can buy a screen protector not just for one device and model but for all of your devices. And especially since the retail price of NanoFixIt Titanium is less than some of the branded tempered glass screen protectors in the market, people have a hard time believing it.

NanoFixIt ONE is the second brand in the product line of liquid screen protectors being introduced by the company, but the CEO assures that there are a lot more products in the pipeline.