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Nanofixit Is Adding 9 New Innovative Products To The Product Range

01 February 2017

Nanofixit Is Adding 9 New Innovative Products To The Product Range

At Nanofixit we are not shy to brag about our achievements. It is important for the consumer to trust our brand, which is why we have made an effort to get recognition from some of the biggest electronics expos in the world. Global Sources Electronics expo is the world’s largest electronics sourcing show and Nanofixit has had great success being featured as the most innovative startup business and gettting recognition for several of our innovative products.

Protection for Goggles and Glasses

The new range also includes protection for Ski- and Diving Goggles as well as for Prescription- and Sunglasses. It even includes a coating for Helmet Visors, which will among others protect them against smudges and rain for a safer driving experience.

There are plenty of surfaces that need protection whether it is to upgrade the existing properties or to extend the lifespan of the product. One example is Diving Goggles, which are often shared among many people – especially in dive shops. They are often getting a rough handling and the glass can easily become scratched and dull to look through. When in the water, it is important to always have a clear visibility, which is where the Nanofixit protection comes in handy. It is not only 9H scratch resistant, but it also makes the glass super hydrophobic and fog free, which takes away some of your worries under water and gives you more time to relax and enjoy the dive. On top of that, the coating is antibacterial and will continuously kill bacteria stuck on the mask. This is especially important when masks are shared among many people. Bacteria that can cause severe eye infections can easily be transferred from one person to another, which is something people don’t consider before it is too late.

The Future is Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is the future in screen and surface protection as it is the most versatile product when it comes to variations in screen size and curvature. This is because of the tiny Nano particles unique ability to create ultra strong and super hydrophobic surfaces, through a simple carrier such as water, where the particles will bond to the substrate layer and form an invisible coating on top. The new range of products are available end of March so stay tuned and follow us on social media (facebook, twitter and instagram) or check out our website www.nanofixit.com