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Global Nano Screen Protector Market Analysis - Growth and Revenue Forecast

22 July 2019

Global Nano Screen Protector Market Analysis - Growth and Revenue Forecast

The Global Nano Screen Protector market size by revenue was 390.7 Million USD by 2018 and expected to increase to 560.6 Million USD by 2025.

By revenue, North America region is the largest with sales of 165 Million USD in 2018 and expected to grow to 239.7 by 2025. Second largest region is Asia Pacific with 92.8 Million USD in 2018 and expected to grow to 137.3 Million USD.


The application of Nano Screen Protectors by market share (%) is mainly focused on Consumer Electronics, Lenses (camera, eyeglass etc), and Automotive. This trend will continue into year 2025.

Consumer Electronics to Grow with 46.7% by 2025

By revenue, Consumer Electronics is the largest area for Nano Screen Protectors with 261.1 Million USD in year 2018 and a market share of almost 67% followed by Lenses with 17.43%.

For Consumer Electronics, the value in USD is expected to grow from 261.1 Million to 383.1 Million in 2025 which represents a growth of 46.7%.

Nanofixit is the Leading Company in Liquid Glass

One of the top three largest players in this lucrative market is Nanofixit Inc., according to a survey by HTF Market Intelligence Analysis. Nanofixit has developed a new way of protecting a cellphone or tablet screen utilizing the latest innovations in Nanotechnology (liquid glass). According to the HTF market survey, manufacturers need to adopt to new, advanced technologies and materials in the development of the Nano screen protectors to stay competitive in this dynamic market. Nanofixit is the only company of the top three players who has adapted to this new technology of protecting a cellphone or tablet screen with tiny nanoparticles, which serve as a protective layer on top of the original glass.

Nanofixit is based in the second largest region for Nano Screen Protectors, Asia Pacific, and we export our products all over the world among others to Europe, North America, and the Middle East. According to the survey, one of the key drivers for growth are emerging economies such as India, China, and Brazil where Nanofixit already has established demand and market share. It is also worth noticing that another key driving force for success is to collaborate with key local players such as cellphone manufacturers or mobile providers. This is exactly the strategy Nanofixit has pursued by partnering up with among others Globe and Smart, the two largest telco companies in the Philippines. We also have a successful partnership with Samsung offering our liquid screen protector and 1-year screen cracking insurance with their latest handsets. This has enabled us to not only increase the awareness of our products but also the credibility and trust of the consumers.

The Future of Nano Screen Protection and Refurbishing

According to HTF, the future growth is driven by factors such as a rise in disposable income globally, and especially from emerging markets, which has led consumers to opt for Nano screen protectors to safeguard their gadgets from scratches. There is also a growing demand for refurbished and pre-used smartphones owing to reduced costs, which is expected to drive the demand for Nano Screen Protectors globally. This particular market is very interesting to us and we are already developing products which can reduce the costs even further for the refurbishing industry as well as potentially create a new, and lucrative revenue stream for Nanofixit in the future.

Scratch Remover for Cellphone and Tablet Screens

Nanofixit has developed the world’s first functioning scratch remover for removing surface and deeper scratches. We are currently in the process of developing a machine which can automatically polish and refurbish a cellphone glass as well as determine the condition of the cellphone, which could constitute a huge potential market.