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Can A Nano Liquid Really Protect My Phone’s Screen?

21 October 2016

Can A Nano Liquid Really Protect My Phone’s Screen?

It is almost like magic! Working on a scale 100.000 times smaller than a human hair and creating ultra strong surfaces 200 times thinner than that same strain of hair is almost incomprehensible. And yet this technology is already out there being incorporated into a myriad of products and applications.

That is what nanotechnology is all about and a few companies are on the frontier with breakthrough making products no one had even thought about before. But before I get into that let s try and understand first the implications of nanotechnology.

Nanotech Applications

Nanotechnology can be used in everything from medicine to construction. In medicine it is used in the screening process for cancer cells and if we look into the future researchers are developing so called nanobots , that will find and destroy cancer or other illnesses inside the body. The industry has already applied nanotechnology in products such as paints and coatings that repel liquid or anything else that would stick to a surface. This is useful for buildings, window glass, car screens/bodies and other surfaces. The shipping industry is also starting to see the potential in nanotechnology for reducing its costs. By applying specialized nano coatings to the hull of the ship it can greatly reduce kinetic friction and thereby save fuel but it will also reduce the amount of maintenance on the hulls, which is a big cost for the shipping companies today.

However, the day nanotechnology becomes really interesting to the consumer is when it is applied to everyday retail products that you and I can purchase in the stores. And it is only recently that these products have started to become known to the public.

NanoFixIt Liquid Screen Protector

One of such products comes from NanoFixIt Inc. based in the Philippines where the products are packaged and shipped worldwide. NanoFixIt Inc has invented an ultra strong nano liquid that will protect any device you own by simply applying the liquid to the screen, wait 1 minute and wipe it off again.

During that 1 minute is when the magic truly unfolds! You cannot see it with the naked eye but if you had a specialized microscope you would see how the nano particles fill up all the pores in your original glass screen, evens them out, and creates a 500 nano meter layer on top, that protects the surface from scratches. NanoFixIt promises that this technology will make your screen 10x harder than the original glass screen of your device. And this is not just a claim that comes out of thin air. It is backed up by tests in a specialized nano lab in the Philippines, located at the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), in Taguig City, Manila.

Zooming out again and your screen still looks crystal clear with nothing visible in between your eyes and the original screen. The problem with plastic and tempered glass screen protectors is the fact that they change the surface of your original screen to an extent, that it actually reduces the visibility as well as the touchability of your screen. This has become even more evident with the new 3D Touch functionality from Apple that measures the light in between your fingers and the original screen to determine how hard you press. Any layer in between will inevitably reduce this new functionality.

Another obvious problem with the traditional screen protectors is the fact that you have to buy a new one every time you change device. And some screens are even bend or curved such as the new Galaxy S6, which makes it difficult if not impossible to find a proper screen protector for it. Not to mention the costs for such a screen protector.

The liquid screen protector from NanoFixIt solves all these problems and even more

The promise of making your devices completely scratch free is of course the most obvious benefit. But NanoFixIt actually promises more than that. This magic liquid will enhance the clarity of your screen providing you with even greater HD effect. It will improve the camera lens and enhance the photos taken. By applying the liquid to the camera lens the invisible pores in the lens are evened out. This enables more light to reach the sensor behind the lens and thereby reduce the noise in a low light image.

We are already seeing people voluntarily removing their old and scratched plastic and tempered screen protectors, says the CEO of NanoFixIt, Ahal Besorai. When demonstrating this product in public people are willing to let their expensive phones be scratched by forks and knives after our product has been applied. And he continues this truly shows how convinced people become once they see how NanoFixIt actually works in practice.

You can read more about NanoFixIt at www.nanofixit.com. Type nanofixitinc on facebook, Instagram and Twitter and get updated info about the product.