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Apples 3D Touch Spells Bad News For The Screen Protector Market

11 September 2016

Apples 3D Touch Spells Bad News For The Screen Protector Market

Liquid Screen Protector

The screen protector market has not developed much over the past few years but this will all change once people become aware of the amazing properties of liquid screen protection. Utilizing the benefits of Nanotechnology the liquid screen protectors are not only scratch resistant but also have the ability to repel water and germs. Some even promises to enhance the vividness of your screen and the quality of the pictures you take when applied to the camera lens.

NanoFixt Titanium

One such company is NanoFixIt Inc that has taken the lead in this new and exciting market. The liquid screen protector called 'NanoFixIt Titanium' is so hard that even a razorblade will not be able to scratch the surface of your phone or tablet after application. The liquid works on the nano scale, which is 100,000 times smaller than a human hair. It creates an invisible and much smoother surface on top of your original screen that will prevent even the sharpest objects from scratching it. In fact, NanoFixIt is so convinced about their product that they are encouraging people to upload videos online where they try to scratch their screens with a key (after proper application) -the so called "Key Scratch Competition.

Easy Application

The application process is also incredibly easy and doesn 't take the help of the local store clerk like some of the traditional screen protectors would, enable to prevent bubbles occurring under the plastic. The liquid is easily distributed with your finger and after just 60 seconds your phone can be wiped off with a microfiber cloth.

The new CEO of NanoFixIt Inc., Ahal Besorai, is confident that people in the Philippines and around the world will immediately see the benefits of this product once it hits the shelves.

I won't be surprised if in a year from now most people will be ridiculed for still using the old plastic screen protectors that they can hardly see through anymore.

And continues.

This product not only has the ability to withstand some of the hardest tests that exist for screen protectors, it also has other amazing properties such as being water repellent, antibacterial and even heightens the vividness of your screen

NanoFixIt Titanium can be bought online and in stores in the Philippines. Take a look at www.nanofixit.com