Congratulations with your purchase of the No. 1 liquid screen protector
in the world. Nanofixit offer a 1 year limited warranty,
that can be availed in 3 simple steps.* 

1. Fill out the registration form with name, contact details, device details etc.

2. Keep your receipt for proof of purchase.

3. Take a picture of your device**, after you applied the liquid screen protector 
(showing the whole device front and back and a clear image of the screen). 

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* Nanofixit Limited Warranty only applies to the following products: Nanofixit one liquid screen protector application for phone and tablet, Nanofixit 3in1 and Nanofixit Titanium/Family Pack. Currently we only extend our limited warranty to products purchased at a Nanofixit authorized dealer or through one of our authorized distributors. 

** If you apply to more than one device, please make a new registration for each device and follow the same procedure as listed above.