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Over the past few years, NanoFixit established itself as global leader in nanotechnology-based surface protection and disinfectants. We perceive it as our duty in the fight against the global pandemic to ensure, that our products are available in as many countries, markets, hospitals, and households as possible. With more than 30 million products sold in over 60 countries and a significant growth of our revenue and income, we proved to handle our expansion by organic measures. We invite you to be part of our success story and join our investor family to accelerate our expansion to new dimensions. Therefore, see our special mandatory convertible bonds, that we offer to those, who share our vison.

Financial Summary

Total Assets$3.719.101$11.226.084201,85%
Equity Ratio91,88%92,03%
Dept Ratio8,12%7,97%
Gross Income$1.790.027$13.330.401644,70%
Net Income$1.094.848$8.643.368689,46%
Gross return on sales30,57%41,36%35,28%
Net return on sales18,70%26,82%43,41%

Bonds Overview

NameTotal PeriodPayment PeriodCouponVolumeDenominationMinMaxStart DateEnd DateConversion
Nanobond NMM11 YearEnd of Period3,50%5 Mio €1.000 €1.000 €25.000 €30.11.202130.11.20225,35€
per share
Nanobond NMM21 Yearquarterly
(3 Months)
3,50%5 Mio €1.000 €1.000 €25.000 €30.12.202130.12.202220% tee
to IPO-price
Nanobond NMM32 Yearquarterly
(3 Months)
5,25%5 Mio €1.000 €1.000 €25.000 €30.12.202130.12.202320% tee
to IPO-price
Nanobond NMM42 Yearquarterly
(3 Months)
5,25%5 Mio €1.000 €1.000 €25.000 €30.12.202130.12.202320% tee
to IPO-price
NameTotal PeriodPayment PeriodYearCouponVolumeDenominationMinStart DateEnd DateConversion
Nanobond NMM53 Yearsquarterly
(3 Months)
1st4,25%10 Mio €1.000 €125.000 €10.12.202110.12.202420% tee
to IPO-price

Join our growth story and become an investor in our company

Nanofixit Holdings Limited is raising funds and you have a unique opportunity to join us and share the future benefits of our company.

Nanofixit Holdings is the parent company of Nanofixit Ventures Inc. (“NVI”) based in the Philippines, which is manufacturer and exporter of patented liquid surface products used by hospitals and health centers in the fight against Covid 19 pandemic.

Deloitte Philippines (“Deloitte”) has conducted a valuation of NVI in November 2020, according to which Deloitte estimated the NVI equity value at an average price of $175 mln.

As part of our efforts to raise funds in order to expand our business and take advantage of record orders for our products, Nanofixit Holdings Limited has come to a binding and irrevocable agreement with Nanobond NMM1 Ltd, an EU company based in Cyprus through which all investors will be able to acquire shares without any delays.

Double gain

Nanobond NMM1 Ltd is issuing convertible bonds that on 30 November 2022 will convert into shares of our company, Nanofixit Holdings Limited, at the fixed price of €5.35 per share.

You have the double benefit of earning 3.5% fixed interest for one year, and on maturity of the bonds on 30th November 2022, convert the bonds into shares of Nanofixit Holdings Limited.

20% benefit

Only investors who invest now will be eligible to benefit from the VIP reserved benefit of around 20%. This is calculated on the basis that Nanobond NMM1 Ltd will receive 935,000 shares of Nanofixit Holdings, from the total number of 27.5 mln shares, at the reserved and locked price of €5.35 per share.

The 935,000 shares will then be distributed among individual bondholders pro-rata, and after the conversion, you will receive your Nanofixit Holdings share certificates confirming your ownership.

Bright prospects

With the Covid-19 pandemic showing no signs of going away, our sales and profits are rising at close to 500%, which means our next valuation will likely hit $1 bln from the current $170 mln!

This means all future fund raises will be done at the higher valuation, giving an instant benefit for all shareholders, including those who invest now.

Nanofixit Holdings Limited intends to seek a listing on a recognized stock exchange within 3 years at a substantially higher valuation than the current offering.

Mandatory conversion: All bond holders will convert their bonds into ordinary shares of Nanofixit Holdings Limited, with full rights to voting and dividends, at a 20% additional benefit to current price, or €5.35 per share.

NanofixitVentures, Inc

NanofixitVentures, Inc. (“NVI”) was incorporated on 22 May 2015 in the Philippines. NVI is located within the Subic Bay Freeport Zone in the Philippines entitling it to a 5.0% income tax on adjusted gross income, in lieu of all local and national taxes.

In April 2020, NVI diversified its revenues to disinfectants (aerosol spray and wipes) and cost efficient medical equipment (protective masks, thermometer and gloves) in response to the global pandemic.

In July 2020, the office of the Royal Family of Dubai, through SEED, announced the strategic partnership with NVI to use nanotechnology to combat COVID in United Arab Emirates and the whole of Gulf Cooperation Council.

To date, the Client has a Malaysian subsidiary named Nanofixit Trading Group Ltd. (“NTGL”) which focuses on the global trading and generates its revenues from sale of medical equipment.

Your rights fully protected

Your investment will be in line with EU’s MiFID rules, which is why we have entered into an exclusive agreement with Eurivex ( an EU investment firm, regulated by Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC), number 114/10, based on which you will open a full brokerage and custody account with Eurivex in line with EU’s Know-Your-Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules.

Your money will be held with Eurivex until you decide to invest in the Nanobond NMM1 Ltd bonds, in order to be eligible to convert into Nanofixit Holdings Limited shares at €5.35 per share.

Charges and costs

In an attempt to make this journey as comfortable as possible, we have absorbed all the charges and costs, which means our investors will pay no brokerage or custody fees to Eurivex and there will be no additional or hidden fees imposed on your accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I invest now in Nanofixit Holdings shares?

    In order to make this journey as easy as possible, we are onboarding investors through the mandatory convertible bonds issued by Nanobond NMM1 Ltd, with the process done via Eurivex Ltd, an EU investment firm, operating in line with EU’s MiFID rules.

    Our first concern is to onboard our European investors in line with EU’s Know-Your-Client (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) rules. Eurivex is regulated by Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC), has been operating since 2010 and uniquely, has no customer complaints. They also have the license to offer their services across EU27.

    The establishment of Nanobond NMM1 Ltd, was done very fast and our binding agreement with this company ensures that we can transfer the 935,000 shares in one transaction, after which the individual transfers will be made.

  • What do you mean by mandatory conversion of bonds into shares?

    The mandatory conversion of bonds into Nanofixit Holdings shares means on 30th November 2022, Nanobond NMM1 Ltd will receive 935,000 ordinary shares of Nanofixit Holdings at the price of €5.35 per share, and then the shares will be distributed pro-rata among all the bondholders.

  • Can I ask for refund of my money invested if I change my mind?

    Based on the provision that the bonds will convert into Nanofixit Holdings shares, this option is not available. This means all bond investors will receive the 3.5% interest the first year and thereafter after 30th November 2022 receive shares in Nanofixit Holdings.

  • What happens if Nanobond NMM1 Ltd does not make the conversion and defaults?

    Since we have entered into a binding and irrevocable agreement with Nanobond NMM1 Ltd for the issue of shares, we will make sure that all bondholders will receive their shares in Nanofixit Holdings.

  • When will Nanofixit Holdings make a new valuation exercise?

    The new valuation of Nanofixit Holdings, which will be based on the performance of Nanofixit Ventures Inc. operating in the Philippines is expected to be made during 2022 or the latest by first quarter of 2023 based on the turnover and profits of 2022.

  • Are you sure that the next valuation will be $1 bln?

    The $1 bln valuation estimate is based on the forecasted turnover and profits of Nanofixit Ventures Inc during the next 5 years and we are confident that this will be achieved on the back of improving prospects due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic.

  • How sure are you that Nanofixit Holdings will list on a recognised stock exchange within 3 years?

    We are very confident that Nanofixit Holdings will list on a recognised stock exchange, before the end of 2023, but because we are very conservative and very cautious in making bold statements, we have said that our target is to list within the next 3 years.

  • What will be the value of the Nanofixit Holdings shares when it lists?

    The value of the shares will be decided at the time of the listing, based on the audited financial statements of Nanofixit Holdings, its future prospects, and the prevailing market conditions. We are very confident that the value will be significantly higher than the current €5.35 per share, but due to regulations, we cannot commit to any specific price.

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