Insurance Program

Introducing Nanofixit Insurance Program

Protection against accidental breakage of the screen.

Accidents happen, and only very few people are protected against
accidental breakage of the screen. Nanofixit Xtra gives you screen
protection and warranty in one simple, and affordable package.

Insurance Program

You break it, We pay it


Claim up to $120 for your broken screen


You decide which repair shop you wish to use – just present your receipt.


Get the ultimate protection for your smartphone with 4x the strength of normal glass as well as other unique benefits (see more benefits)


Easy claim process and a 24/7 support team standing by to help you.


Here is how it works

Here is how it works

Purchase the Nanofixit Xtra Screen Protector for just $19.99 - the best invisible screen protection in the market. Inside the box you will find a warranty card with up to $120 protection against accidental screen breakage.

Here is how it works

Go to the Google Play or Apple App Store and download the Nanofixit APP.

Nanofixit on App Store Nanofixit on Google Play
Here is how it works

Follow the registration process and fill out the card number and PIN that you will find on the card.

Here is how it works

Once registered you confirm your email and we will send you an email verification on your warranty. You can also see the details of your warranty within the APP.

How to make a claim

  • 1.

    If an accident happens we are here to support you.
    Simply contact our support team at or contact us through the contact form inside the APP. We also have live chat on our
    website which can assist you.

  • 2.

    When you make a claim, the first step is to verify that you have an active
    warranty.Once confirmed, we will send you a link to an online claim

  • 3.

    Fill out the form and receive a confirmation back.

  • 4.

    Go and repair your phone and send us the receipt.
    We will reimburse up to $120 against the receipt and transfer it to your
    nominated account.

All features and benefits(overview)

Screen protector package

  • 12-months protection against accidental damage to your screen with upto $120 reimbursement
  • The best Nano Screen Protector in the market 4x the strength of normal glass(9H), Antibacterial Protection, and reduction of dangerous Cell Phone Radiation
  • Easy claim process and 24/7 customer service by our support team.
  • No need to send your phone in-your phone stays with you always
  • Receive a free scratch remover if your phone get scratches within warranty period.
Here is how it works
Here is how it works
Here is how it works

Through the Nanofixit App

  • Receive discount codes for Nanofixit products and buy products through the app.
  • View videos on how to apply our products and more
  • Get warranty alerts prior to expiry and discounts on renewal
  • Tell your friends about Nanofixit on social media and earn reward points.
  • Use your points to receive FREE Nanofixit products of your choice.
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What to consider if an accident happens?

Are you covered by any insurance or warranty if an accident happens to your phone?

Sometimes you will be covered by a manufacturers warranty within the first year. This, however, does not mean that it covers accidental damages but only if the screen had a defect from the manufacturer. As an example, apple considers a hairline crack to be a defect in the glass and will replace the device for free within the first year.

Be careful using a phone with a broken screen.

It can be difficult not to answer a text from a close friend, when you see it on your screen. But if your screen is shattered and you are still swiping it with your fingers it can potentially cut you and even leave tiny pieces of glass in your fingertips. It is better to put a temporary plastic cover on top of your broken screen or you can use a clear nail polish to smoothen out the crack and prevent the screen from shattering further.

Backup your phone before sending it to a repair shop.

It might seem like a harmless undertaking to have your screen replaced but you don’t want to take the risk of losing all your images and data if the worst case should occur. Back it up to your computer or to the cloud if you have a subscription. It is also a good idea to make sure your phone is password protected and shut down when leaving it at the repair shop.

Will the manufacturer void my warranty if I use a third party repair shop?

Some manufacturers have their own warranty that one can purchase with the phone. Apple for instants offer AppleCare+ for $99. If your screen accidentally cracks you can use this warranty to have it repaired. But not for free – Apple still charges you an amount for the repair itself. With an Apple product you also have to consider using a third party repair shop as this will void any other warranty that Apple would otherwise offer. Using an Apple authorized repair shop might be a bit more expensive but also safer in case something happens to other parts of the phone.