Faq Nanofixit.

  • Can I use Nanofixit liquid screen protection for any smartphone or tablet?

    Nanofixit liquid screen protection is particularly made for glass screens. A few phones/tablets have plastic or mixed plastic and glass screens and the product will not be as effective on those surfaces. If you are in doubt whether Nanofixit Titanium will work with your phone here is a way you can check if your phone is of glass or plastic: Tap the screen with your front top teeth. You will hear on the sound and the feeling if the screen is soft or hard, plastic or glass.

  • What surfaces can I use the liquid for?

    Nanofixit can be used on any glass surface but is specifically designed for glass screens on electronics. When applied to a camera lens the liquid will first of all protect but also improve the glass surface and enable you to take better pictures. It can be applied to plastic but will then only make it bacteria free and protect the surface from cellphone radiation.

  • Will the liquid screen protection ruin the loud speaker of my phone or tablet?

    No. If you have followed the instructions and apply the correct amount on your phone it will not interfere with or ruin your loudspeaker. Please do not pour or apply the liquid directly into the loudspeaker though.

  • For how long will the protection last?

    The protection will last for up to two years depending on how you use your device. To make sure you are fully protected we recommend you to re-apply Nanofixit every year, or follow the recommended re-application stated on the box itself.

  • How do I take off Nanofixit?

    Nanofixit is not supposed to be taken off again as it basically becomes part of and improves the original screen. When you have treated your phone with Nanofixit it adheres to the surface through the Van Der Waals effect. This means the quantum forces draw the molecules to the substrate layer of the original glass and blends together. The coating is only 200-500 (0.0004mm) nanometer thick and completely invisible. It will eventually wear off after about 2 years. If you wish to polish it off you must use nail polish remover and cotton and rub on the screen for about 2 minutes and then clean with alcohol.