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Refurbishing cell phones made easy from the comfort of your home.

We all have them but seldom talk about them. Only until the day comes, that it’s time to upgrade to a new model and let go of the old. But to get a decent price for your old cell phone can be difficult and especially if it looks too worn down and has tiny scratches all over the screen. You might feel that you’ve taken good care of your cell phone over the years and yet the screen is full of spider web scratches as if an ice hockey match had taken place on it.


Makes your screen look brand new again

Replacing your screen is not really worth it considering how much a replacement would cost as compared to how much you would get for your used cell phone. So the question is what solution exist that will make your screen look brand new again, and which doesn’t cost that much? This is why we, at Nanofixit, have developed a revolutionary new way of removing scratches on electronic glass screens.

How it works

By simply using a polishing paste and a felt bob stick you are able to get rid of the tiny spider web scratches in about 15 minutes of polishing. The deeper scratches take a bit more effort but can be removed as well. So what is the special ingredient in this polishing paste? Our research team have spend hours in the lab perfecting the formula and finding a powder with just the right amount of abrasiveness to gently polish the surface without creating new scratches on the screen.

The cool thing about this product is the fact that it is so easy to use and doesn’t take the expertise of a professional or any high precision tool.


Remove scratches while watching your favorite TV show

This product can be used in the comfort of your home while watching your favorite TV show on Netflix, says the product development head of Nanofixit, Sharon Palicdon. We have already refurbished hundreds of phones for our customers and now we are ready to introduce this revolutionary product to the whole world, Sharon Palicdon continues.

Watch how to use the scratch remover here:


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