20 Aug

Motorola is accused of copying iPhone X

The latest smartphone from Motorola is accused of copying not only the design but also its name from other competitors.

Motorola P30 is a ‘brazen copy’ of iPhone X according to BBC

It can be hard to tell the difference between the latest smartphone models being released lately. When you, as a consumer, are on the lookout for the latest technology and design you will notice that the various smartphone brands are copying each other.

The latest copycat is the Motorola P30 whose release date is yet to be announced. But rumors of the smartphone’s specs have already surfaced. According to a BBC article ( the Motorola P30 is a “Brazen copy of iPhone X”. Officially, Motorola has not commented on the accusations from the tech-media, which are also disappointed by the fact that Motorola is one of the pioneers in the mobile phone industry.


Not a surprise to other Tech-Media Experts

Other tech-media experts are not so surprised about this development in copying the design and appearance of one another. Today, a smartphone is nothing more than a big screen in a frame. It is hard to tell the difference between the various brands and models. And since the mobile industry is fairly small, we will often see the producers of smartphones copying each other. Basically, the overall shape and design of a smartphone has already been established.

Even though the latest smartphones from Motorola and Apple look the same with rounded corners, camera housing on the backside, and the popular ‘notch’ in the op of the screen, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. Seen from a consumer’s perspective you will have a lot of choices to pick from. Rather than the design of the model, the consumers will have a lot of differences in the functionality of the smartphones to choose from. This is what will set the brands apart and ensure competition in the future, according to mobile experts.

Besides from the design, Motorola is also accused of copying its name ‘P30’ from its competitor Huawei.

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