27 Aug

Apple is rumored to launch not one but three new iPhones at their September launch

A new upgraded iPhone in 2018, iPhone Plus, and perhaps iPhone 9, which Apple skipped at its last announcement back in 2017, are some of the rumored phones to be released at Apples event in a few weeks.

Apple is expected to release a larger version of iPhone X called the iPhone X Plus, as well as a less expensive version to reach a broader market. Huawei, for instants, has been charging ahead in the last few years on a quest to overtake Samsung as the most sold cellphone brand in the world by offering a much lower price tag without compromising the quality. Huawei has already overtakenApple as the second largest smartphone maker in the world and a cheaper iPhone would certainly be a way to respond to this aggressive strategy.


What can we expect from the new iPhones?

According to tech-media analysts ( there will probably not be any big revelations in terms of technology or design but rather upgrades in colors, processing speeds, a higher screen resolution, and perhaps better battery life. These are some of the upgrades we’ve come to expect from Apple based on previous announcements over the last few years, according to analysts.


Cheaper iPhone with LCD screen

There are several tech sources speculating that the cheaper iPhone will have an LCD screen instead of the more expensive OLED screens. The Wall Street journal ( predicts that Apple will be releasing two OLED screen iPhones and one with LCD. At the same time WSJ expects the lower priced LCD iPhone will be produced at a much higher volume in anticipation of higher sales.


Three rear cameras

According to the Chinese language Economic Daily News ( and as reported by MacRumors (, one of the new iPhones could have a rear-facing camera with a triple-lens array. This means that Apple would be following in the footsteps of Huawei and its latest P20 Pro smartphone model, which introduced a three-lens rear camera system already back in March 2018.

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