Nanofixit Inc. is a company with worldwide distribution of an advanced and innovative liquid screen protector

In close collaboration with top nanotechnology labs around the world we are continuously developing new and innovative products within the nano coating space. The first retail product we have introduced is a liquid screen protector that is not only ultra scratch resistant but also anti-bacterial, anti cellphone radiation, water repellent and truly invisible. Nanofixit liquid screen protection provides a protective multi-purpose solution for all your devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and smartwatches.


Our team has developed over the past few years a range of nano coating technologies that originally were used for making high-end cars like Aston Martin or Ferrari “unscratchable”, protecting them against day-to-day wear and tear. Nanofixit is developing and producing unique and patented technology coatings for the regular customer, which until now have mostly been used by the industry. The technology behind has been perfected over several years of experimentation within the nanotechnology industry. Through new and innovative products, we are continuously striving to improve and develop this exciting technology to the benefit of our customers.


Early 2014 Nanofixit decided to “super concentrate” and further improve the existing nano coatings, thereby creating a specialized product for protecting electronic devices. Today, our product development has resulted in the launch of the world’s strongest liquid screen protector in the market. The latest in our pipeline of products include a Gadget Sanitizer that uses nano sized silver particles to activately kill bacteria on the front and back of all your gadgets. The next line of products will be a protective coating for sunglasses and prescription glasses making them less prone to scratches and fog free.


The Nanofixit range of liquid screen protectors offer the best value proposition for our customers compared to traditional high-end screen protectors made from tempered glass or plastic. Our liquid screen protector is a multipurpose product that can be used on the glass screen of any electronic brand or model. Traditional screen protectors are only made for one specific device and the high-end range easily cost 40-60$ for every device you own. With a Nanofixit liquid screen protector you are not only buying a multipurpose product for any model or device but a product that has been tested and certified with the highest standards available amongst screen protectors (9H, SGS, SAR).


Nanofixit set itself a mission to become the market leader and the world’s most recognized brand for liquid screen protectors. With our pipeline of new nano liquid coating products, we further intend to dominate the nanotechnology liquid coating space and become a one-stop-shop for nano liquid products for any screen or surface that you can possibly imagine.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited Imagination encircles the world."

Albert Einstein